Oof, I can really tell I’m out of practice even after this short time. The script and the composition have been breaking my fragile little brain and I’ve had to redraw quite a few panels. 

Quick drawing of Dante & a wild friend. They were always very eager to practice human language with her.
Next page will be out soon! It is a slight departure from the current story and it is all about Dante!

Quick drawing of Dante & a wild friend. They were always very eager to practice human language with her.

Next page will be out soon! It is a slight departure from the current story and it is all about Dante!

Interesting side note to this post: at first I assumed that Torchic’s Pokedex entry—it claims that Torchic shoot fireballs of 1,800°F/1,000°C—was just another hilariously exaggerated entry like the ones that claim Machamp can throw 500 punches per second or that Magcargo has an internal temperature twice as hot as the surface of the sun. But it turns out that napalm, used in flamethrowers, burns at about 800°-1,200°C. The temperatures actually work out. So there you have it: Robin has been continuously harassing a person who has the capability to produce and douse them in napalm-like flames at any time.

Anonymous asked:

@mewitti: any tip about worldbuilding? your world is so cool, but I have problems coming up with great ideas for my nuzlocke story :(

Ah, I’m honored that you think Alterity’s world is cool.

95% of the things that make Alterity’s worldbuilding different than ‘vanilla Pokemon’ are just things I’ve aped from real world ecology, behavioral science, animal science, psychology, and world history. That’s seriously it. So… read! Learn about the real world works. Learn about different cultures and how people and animals perceive the world around them. Get excited about how fantastic and varied existence can be!

Here are some resources on worldbuilding (I don’t have very many bookmarked oops):

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions By Patricia C. Wrede (you should answer all of these even if you don’t plan to explain them all in-story. The worldbuilding you do show will be much stronger if you do.)
7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding
Grounding Fantasy
Fuck Yeah Character Development - Worldbuilding posts
Writeworld’s Setting Tools

(Writers: the last two blogs are fantastic and you should follow them)

Anonymous asked:

@Mewitti: Have a few questions about your neat little character icons. ^^ At what size do you draw them? What size are they when you use them in asks? Is there some place where you have all of them listed? ((And did you ever make icons for the deceased teammates? ;n; ))


^Full size vs asks size 

My current icons folder is right here.

I did not make icons for the Bristles or Lassie because I am heartless

Anonymous asked:

Thanks for answering me about the mechanical Pokemon! It seems to have thown your page into a lot of Steven stuff though, haha. Another question: Voltorb was supposedly created when a Poke Ball was electrified. I always found this odd because there are a lot of Voltorb, so people are either making them on purpose or those Poke Ball factories must be rather unsafe. Also, Voltorb and Electrode have mouths; would you change the design, or would you say they are able to communicate through language?

Wait, Voltorb has a mouth????????

Is Voltorb the Pokemon version of Pac-Man?


There’s always the idea that the first few Voltorbs were created through lax Pokeball factory standards, and then just propagated amongst themselves afterward through who knows what kind of reproduction method. Can you imagine the PR nightmare that would be for Pokeball factory managers?

(I’ve always imagined that either both Voltorb and Electrode talk, or neither of them do and Electrode’s ‘smile’ is just a creepy grille shaped like a mouth. It never speaks. It just stares… silently… with that grin plastered on its face… forever…)

Anonymous asked:

@Witti: I've been wondering for a while why you decided to make it so KO'd Pokémon couldn't be recalled in a Pokéball. It just bothers me because everything in the comic is so marvellously well thought-out but this rule seems really arbitrary. This isn't really a complaint; I love this comic to bits and I'm sure you have a good reason for it, but I can't help but wonder.

You’re right, it does seem really arbitrary, but the ethical implications ended up being too interesting and I just had to run with it. It started when I was trying to figure out exactly how Pokeball capture/recall works, and why you can’t just duplicate Pokemon via PC, among other things.

In Alterity, capture and recall is based on consciousness and will. This prevents Pokemon from being recalled when KO’d (no consciousness to interact with)… but it also gives Pokemon the chance to mentally struggle and ‘break out’ of a ball if they don’t want to be captured. ’Fixing’ the issue of Pokemon recall would also remove any semblance of agency from the capture process. Even if the issue could be fixed, would the consequences be worth it?

I swear this stuff will be brought up in-comic, just give it some time.

Anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you! But what script/coding do you use for your comic pages?

You are not a bother!

I wrote some homebrew Javascript so I could display comic pages on Tumblr, because I’m masochistic and enjoy giving the finger to Tumblr’s severely limited coding options. You can find it linked in my blog’s source code (it is called comic.js) but I’m not going to post it here because although it works, it is still a steaming heap of nonstop hacks.