Gjinka doodles for Witti’s birthday! @w@ These are her characters Dante and Talon from the webcomic I color, GJINKAFIED! Yaaay!


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Fun fact! Clement Freud (grandson to Sigmund) did an advert for dog food, and it featured a St. Bernard (I think) named Henry in the advert. They ultimately had to use a bitch for the advert, as the male kept getting an enormous erection every time the cameras & lights were set up.

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@ Witti: I've wondered this for a while and decided to finally ask: Is the fact that Lassie's name is, well, Lassie, even though he's a boy, related to the fact that in the Lassie movies, she was played by a male dog?



ORAS is literally going to be the greatest game in existence because look at this. team magma is so nice and organized and serious right


and then there’s TEAM AQUA




i love pokemon. i love pokemon so much iw ill marry gamefrea K

I’m SO pleased by this

gameb9oy said: Alterity is supposed to have a plot that’s basically the opposite of B/W? What do you mean by that exactly? So far, I haven’t seen anything in the plot that wouldn’t have fit in a typical plot for B/W. (Not that the plot isn’t good, of course)

Sorry, I meant compared to the default B/W plot. 

For those who haven’t played B/W: the ‘default’ plot revolves around a group that pretends to care about Pokemon liberation but—surprise!—it turns out they don’t actually give a crap and are just trying to take over the world. The moral? People who claim that Pokemon might be better off without humans are lying, abusive thieves. The one person who actually believes in the cause is dismissed as a brainwashed zealot. The whole game is filled with anvilicious morals about how (‘good’) trainers love their Pokemon so much and NEVER mistreat them. And once the main character defeats the bad guys, everyone happily goes back to the status quo of assuming that all Pokemon are just peachy with human ownership.

It’s very feel-good but still, pretty much the opposite of what I’m trying to get at.

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Mew, I know people asked you if your story would've been great in the White/Black versions and that you've chosen emerald because you had the catrige...but do you think that the plot would've actually been better using black or white as a base?

I don’t really think it’d be ‘better’. Just drastically different. Also, more boring, because everyone expects people to make the obligatory noises about Pokemon rights in the B/W games.

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Did you come up with the general concept of Alterity before actually playing through the game, or was it inspired by the events in-game? Just curious, because I'm currently playing a run that I plan to adapt as a comic and I'm unsure about how much planning I should do before finishing the game.

Most of the large-scale concepts (the world) were things I’d been mulling over for years. Most of the actual plot events and characters came after playing the game. 

If you’re feeling creative while you’re playing the game, then why not take advantage of it?

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Just interested: are Talon & Trumpet bad with boats/ choppy waters because they just are or did they have particularly bad experiences with boat rides?

Talon’s fine on boats; he just doesn’t like getting wet. Trumpet has literally never been in a moving vehicle before and so even though she has no vision to futz her up she still gets unbelievable motion sickness.

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Does a pokemon's type affect how it cooks/tastes? Are fire types naturally spicy? Would eating a poison type have similar effects to consuming alcohol? Would a bellsprout classify as a salad etc.?